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Privacy Policy

All information provided to Education Collective SLC through this website, its forms or its email(s), will be used as described and per consent terms indicated.


When users sign the letter by submitting the corresponding online form, and have selected to add their individual and/or their organizational name to the letter, their name may be published on this website and/or submitted to the Salt Lake City School Board or School District. This is the only public exposure of any and all contact information provided through this website.


We will never sell or share any contact information submitted through our website to any third party or to any member organization affiliated with Education Collective SLC. On our website form to sign the letter, you can select to be informed about upcoming Education Collective SLC meetings, or have selected to receive updates; if you have made such selection, we send regular email communication to you regarding Education Collective SLC. Otherwise, we will only use your contact information to:

  • Clarify information you submitted;

  • To request greater involvement;

  • To gain permission to share a story, experience, or information you opted to share upon submission or via email; or

  • To notify you of major news on our advocacy efforts.

We don't like our inboxes bombarded either, so we will always lean toward updating our website and social media before sending out direct messaging via email, text, phone, etc.



For any additional information provided upon submission (e.g. whether you're a parent, live in SLC, what school your students attend, etc.) or any story, experience or information submitted on the form or by email, we may use counts of this information to characterize the type of support we have received, but all signatory or submitted information will be only seen by Education Collective SLC organizers and will only be shared if we obtain direct consent from the user through a follow-up phone call or email. 


Notwithstanding the policies above, any hate speech or threatening communication may be reported to law enforcement or other appropriate agencies or organizations.

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