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Who We Are

Education Collective SLC is a grassroots coalition of concerned parents, former students, educators, city residents, and community advocates. Connecting through our own social and professional networks, our collective concerns about equity in the Salt Lake City School District eventually led us to focus our efforts to addressing the hardships created by the absence of a neighborhood high school for those living on our city's west side.

Over the years, we had each had our own individual concerns with the inequities faced by westside students. However, as issues of systemic racism and structural inequality have finally drawn the greater national attention they deserve, our personal conversations about equity also grew more meaningful, relevant and timely.

During the spring and summer of 2020, we slowly became more organized and deliberate. Our discussions turned to collective strategies and actions that could make an impact on issues of equity in our Salt Lake City School District. We began asking others to join our conversation, intentionally seeking diverse perspectives. This growing conversation led us to write our request letter, which asks not just for a desired outcome, but a process so that our institutions and decision makers within those institutions can hear what we've been hearing.

This conversation did not begin with us alone. We know many others have shared similar concerns and have raised issues of equity over the years. We do not claim to speak for any community as a whole or for the westside as a singular group. We only want to advance the conversation, which requires that we bring more people to the table and elevate more voices—particularly those often left unheard by those making the decisions.


Ultimately, we strive to create a space where we can have honest conversations about the serious need for greater equity in our education system. We hope you'll join us.

Contact Us

For general information, please contact the coalition by email:

For immediate or media requests,

please contact our coalition partner:


Richard Jaramillo

UCLR | Utah Coalition of La Raza


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